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Player One

Player One "Anti-Halo UV IR-CUT 2″ Filter

Player One "Anti-Halo UV IR-CUT 2″ Filter


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The Anti-Halo UV IR-CUT 2″ Filter is designed to minimize halo effects in astrophotography. With a frame thickness of 5mm for the body and 2.5mm for the thread, it has a total thickness of 7.5mm. The filter glass measures 1.85mm in thickness.


  • Transmittance: >=95%
  • Blocking Depth: OD4.0

Experience improved image quality with this Anti-Halo UV IR-CUT filter. It effectively reduces halo interference and ensures clear and crisp astrophotography results.


Anti-Halo UV IR-CUT 2″ filter

Frame thickness: body 5mm+ thread 2.5mm, a total of 7.5mm

Filter glass: 1.85mm

Transmittance: >=95%

Blocking depth: OD4.0



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