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Experience the Apollo-M MINI: Your Gateway to Spectacular Solar Imaging. Unleash the power of solar imaging with the Apollo-M MINI. Immerse yourself in the world of monochrome precision, exceptional performance, and awe-inspiring solar images. Embark on a captivating solar imaging adventure with the Apollo-M MINI, designed exclusively for solar photography enthusiasts.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Remarkable Results. The Apollo-M MINI combines cutting-edge technology with unmatched performance. Its monochrome sensors and advanced features empower you to capture the true essence of solar imaging. Enjoy superior image quality, accuracy, and stunning details and contrast that monochrome imaging provides.

Precision and Usability. The Apollo-M MINI is designed with precision and usability in mind, offering a seamless and intuitive shooting experience. Its 2/3-inch format monochrome sensor enables high-resolution solar images with incredible clarity. The Pregius 3rd Generation technology ensures low readout noise and excellent dynamic range.

Compact and Lightweight Design. With its compact and lightweight design, the Apollo-M MINI is ideal for both outdoor and indoor solar imaging. Capture exceptional images with its global shutter and HCG mode, optimizing performance even in challenging lighting conditions.

Enhance Your Solar Imaging Capabilities. Take your solar imaging to new heights with recommended accessories. The Active Cooling System (ACS) provides superior temperature control for optimal performance. Pair the Apollo-M MINI with the Player One Photosphere 10nm filter for enhanced contrast and stunning results in white light and H-Alpha imaging.

Explore the Cosmos with Unmatched Clarity. Experience the ultimate solar imaging with the Apollo-M MINI. Its compatibility with Lunt and other solar telescopes allows you to explore the wonders of the cosmos with unmatched clarity. Join renowned astrophotographers who have achieved exceptional results with the Apollo-M MINI.

Safety First for Solar Imaging. Prioritize safety when using the Apollo-M MINI for solar imaging. Utilize energy rejection solutions such as Baader film or Herschel wedge to protect your eyes and equipment. Follow proper usage guidelines to safeguard against potential harm.


Player One Apollo-M MINI