Askar 120APO Special 0.8x Reducer


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Introducing the ASKAR 0.8x Full-frame Reducer/Flattener for 120APO Telescopes, an essential accessory designed specifically for the Askar 120APO. This 0.8x reducer not only reduces the focal ratio to f/5.6, enhancing the telescope's capability for wide-field viewing and faster exposure times but also flattens the field, perfect for capturing expansive celestial scenes like nebulae, star clusters, and other faint, fast-moving objects.

The reducer features a triplet lens design and supports a 44mm full-frame image circle. It is lightweight at only 0.75kg and offers a standard back focus distance of 55mm from the M48 male thread. For versatility in connecting to different setups, it includes front threads at M841 and adapters in M681, M540.75, and M480.75 sizes. The reducer also incorporates a built-in M48*0.75 2-inch filter thread, allowing for direct installation and use.

Machined from CNC materials, the reducer ensures durability and precision. It includes metal caps on both ends to protect against dust when not in use.


  • Focal Length (with 120APO): 672mm
  • Focal Ratio (with 120APO): f/5.6
  • Lens Design: Triplet
  • Back Focus: 55mm (from the base of M48 thread)
  • Weight: 0.75kg
  • Rear-end Thread Types: M68×1, M54×0.75, M54×0.75-M48×0.75 (with internal M48×0.75 filter thread)

0.8x Reducer Size Diagram

0.8x Reducer Installation

Spot Diagram

Askar 120APO Special 0.8x Reducer