Askar FRA400 f/5.6 with Focal Reducer to attain f/3.9


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Askar FRA400 with Free Focal Reducer

The Askar FRA series introduces the innovative "Flat-field Refractive Astrograph" design, offering versatility for both astrophotography and visual observation. With exceptional control over chromatic aberrations and optimized image quality, the FRA series stands out in the astronomy market.

Explore the Possibilities

The FRA 400/5.6 model features fashionable and multifunctional patented tube rings, providing practical attachments for convenient observation and imaging activities.

Unleash Your Creativity

For experienced imagers, the FRA series offers an ultra focal reducer, allowing a practical focal ratio of f/3.9. This pioneering design supports full-frame imaging and significantly shortens exposure time, revolutionizing the field of astrophotography.

Enhance Your Observing Experience

Experience the simplified and enhanced observing and imaging practices with the Askar FRA400. Embark on a safari through the boundless universe and be amazed by the infinite surprises it holds.


Welcome to our brand new Askar FRA series! The FRA, which stands for “Flat-field Refractive Astrograph”,
is a refractive equipment with built-in flat field correction. FRA can also be applied in visual observation.
So the FRA series is among the few versatile and quality astrophotographic devices in the current astronomy market.

It’s excellent in controlling and possibly avoiding chromatic aberrations. The image quality is also optimized to satisfy various observing or imaging purposes.

It’s worth mentioning that FRA 400/5.6 has a pair of fashionable-looking and multifunctional patented tube rings. Various practical attachments are available on three sides of the tube rings which is really a convenience for practical observation or imaging activities.  

F/5.6 is a relatively fast focal ratio for astrophotographic use, but we further provide an ultra focal reducer to satisfy the special needs of experienced imagers, greatly reducing the practical focal ratio to f/3.9. This inventive combination supports full-frame imaging and can dramatically shorten the exposure time, which is a pioneering design in the astrophotography field.

The inborn mission of Askar FRA400 is to simplify and enhance our customers’ observing and imaging practice, bringing them infinite surprise when safariing the boundless universe.

Askar FRA400 f/5.6 with Focal Reducer to attain f/3.9