ASKAR M54 to M48 Backfocus Adjuster


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ASKAR M54 to M48 Backfocus Adjuster for Enhanced Astronomical Imaging

For those engaged in astronomical photography, managing backfocus is a critical challenge that can affect image quality. Variations in backfocus can arise from several factors, including filter refraction or the use of particular photography accessories that are sensitive to backfocus adjustments. ASKAR recognizes this issue and offers a practical solution with its M54 to M48 Backfocus Adjuster, specifically designed to fine-tune backfocus with a precision adjustment range of ± 2mm, extending from 16mm to 20mm.

This adjuster is available in two main configurations: M54 to M54 and M54 to M48, catering to different camera interfaces. The detailed specifications for the M54 to M48 model include a female thread M54x0.75 at the telescope interface and a male thread M48x0.75 at the camera interface. The unit's total thickness stands at 18mm, maintaining the flexibility to adjust backfocus by ± 2mm.

Crafted with precision, the backfocus adjuster is CNC machined to achieve adjustments within 0.05mm increments. It features a clearly printed scale for straightforward adjustments and position tracking. Additionally, it is equipped with two fixing screw holes, enhancing its compatibility and ease of use with various photography equipment.

By simply rotating the adjuster, users can effortlessly achieve the necessary backfocus correction to mitigate common imaging issues, ensuring sharper and clearer astronomical images. Whether you're using the M54 to M54 or M54 to M48 model, ASKAR's backfocus adjuster is an essential tool for every astronomical photographer looking to optimize their setup for superior imaging results.

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M54 to M54 Bckfocus Adjuster

M54 to M48 Backfocus Adjuster

M54/M48 Backfocus Adjuster Installation

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ASKAR M54 to M48 Backfocus Adjuster