Astroasis 2-inch Filter Drawer Basic Set.


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Basic Set Includes the Following

2-inch Drawer Frame

Filter Slider

Ring Loosen Tool

M48(M) to M42(M) Adapter

M48(M) to M42(F) Adapter

 Designed in pure round, simple and elegant appearance. Two pairs (4 pieces) of strong neodymium magnets are used to achieve strong adsorption. Compatible with M54/M48/M42 male/female threads


The filter drawer may seem like a simple accessory for astrophotography, but we designed this product with great care in terms of function, aesthetics, and ease of use.


M54, M48, and M42 threads are commonly used thread specifications in telescopes, cameras, and other astrophotography equipment. Due to the variety of threads, different equipment`s have caused compatibility issues when connecting them with each other.

To resolve the thread compatibility issue, we designed this filter drawer in the way that each side of the drawer can be configured as any one of M54/M48/M42 male thread or female thread as required. So it can be connected to the commonly used astrophotography equipment`s and it is convenient to use. Then there is no need to repeatedly purchase filter drawers of different thread specifications in order to adapt to different threads. This saves money for users.

This product includes a drawer frame, a filter slider, and a ring-loosen tool and the rings are optional.


The product is designed as a perfect circle, with a simple and beautiful appearance and good surface.




This product uses 2 pairs (4 pieces) strong neodymium magnets to achieve strong adsorption. It doesn't need any other additional steps to lock the filter slider. And there is no need to worry about the filter slider falling off accidentally.


The extended drawer handle makes it more comfortable to pull the drawer.


Each suit of this product has a ring-loosen tool. Sometimes the rings may be hard to be removed by hand if they are connected too tight. If this happens, users can use this tool to loosen and remove the ring from the drawer frame. With this tool, there is no need to worry about how to remove rings from the filter drawer.



When using this product (including changing the rings) there is no need to use any screws, which makes the use more convenient.

The dimensions of the product are shown in the figure below.



Astroasis 2-inch Filter Drawer Basic Set.