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Astroasis CAA

Astroasis CAA


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Astroasis Camera Angle Adjuster CAA designed to meet the needs of astrophotograpy angle selection, with 360 degree free rotation and degree markers. Special design ensures correct focal plane



This product has the following features:

1、It can be rotated freely in 360 degrees

2、It has degree marks

3、It has three locking screws which ensures correct focal plane

4、The locking screws are used only to fix the angle and ensure the focal plane.  Even if the three screws are completely loosened, they will not cause the parts to fall off

5、It is compatible with 21mm-long M42-M42 extender and has M42x0.75 male thread and M42x0.75 female thread.

6、There is a damping effect between parts, so it has a comfortable feel when rotating


The following picture shows how it works with the telescope and camera.


This product is compatible with 21mm-long M42-M42 extender and has M42x0.75 male thread and M42x0.75 female thread.

The dimension diagram of the product is shown in the following figure.


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