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AstroSolar® Safety Film 5.0, 20x29cm

AstroSolar® Safety Film 5.0, 20x29cm


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AstroSolar® Safety Film 5.0: Premier Telescope & Camera Lens Solar Observation Film Dimensions: Approximately 20 x 29 cm – Premium Telescope Grade – Optical Density (OD) = 5.0 Ideal for Safe Solar Viewing and Photography.

Compatible with additional optics for secure visual observation and high-quality solar imaging. Unmatched Precision: Delivers strehl ratios between 94 and 96 percent in interferometric testing, offering optical performance comparable to a Fluorite Triplet Lens by Carl Zeiss or Astro Physics. Versatile Use: Perfectly designed for accurate applications with any astronomical telescope or binoculars, as well as photographic camera and tele-lenses. Proven Quality: With over 25 years in the market, AstroSolar Safety Film stands out as the sole film material engineered to maintain the optical wavefront. It ensures high magnification capabilities across all long-range optics without compromising the sharpness or contrast of the solar imagery.

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