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BR205 Benro Polaris Astro Module for BR203 2-axis Head


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Benro Polaris Astro Module for BR203 2-axis Head

This is the 3rd axis for the 2-axis Benro Polaris Head

Note: The tripod stand, mobile phone and camera are not included.

  • The Benro Polaris Astro Module allows users of the Timelapse 2-Axis Head to upgrade and benefit from the Astro features of the Benro Polaris.
  • The Astro Module fits in the quick release clamp of the Polaris, and features a rotating Arca clamp for star tracking.
  • The Astro Expansion Kit includes everything needed to go from Timelapse to the Astro version of the Polaris smart tripod head.

The Benro Polaris Astro Module Expansion Kit allows Polaris Timelapse edition users to upgrade their experience and enable star tracking with their Benro Polaris.


BENRO PRECISION MACHINERY (ZHONGSHAN) CO, LTD. By continuously investing in advanced tooling and precision machining in concert with a highly trained design/engineering team, Benro has spared little effort in developing and refining their product line. As a result of their commitment to quality and performance, Benro has become one of the best known, and best-selling brands in China, not to mention a rising star in foreign markets. Benro’s mission statement is simple: our products are designed and built to meet or exceed the needs and demands of professional photographers worldwide.

BR205 Benro Polaris Astro Module for BR203 2-axis Head