Celestron Omni 1.25" Plossl Eyepieces - Exceptional Views and Precision.

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Experience Exceptional Views and Precision

Unlock the wonders of the night sky with the Celestron Omni 1.25' Plossl Eyepieces. Designed for astronomical observations, this eyepiece offers exceptional clarity, contrast, and sharpness. Its 9mm focal length provides high magnification, allowing you to explore distant celestial objects with precision.

Enhanced Optics for Unforgettable Observations

Featuring premium multi-coated glass elements, the Celestron Omni Eyepiece delivers outstanding light transmission and minimized internal reflections. This results in enhanced image quality, revealing intricate details of celestial objects such as planets, star clusters, and lunar features.

Comfortable Viewing Experience

With a generous eye relief and a wide 52-degree apparent field of view, the Celestron Omni Eyepiece ensures a comfortable and immersive observing experience. Whether you`re a beginner or an experienced astronomer, this eyepiece provides crisp views while minimizing eye strain.

Compatible with Versatile Telescopes

The Celestron Omni Eyepiece is designed to fit any telescope with a 1.25' focuser. It is compatible with a wide range of Celestron telescopes and other telescope brands, making it a versatile addition to your astronomical gear.

Take Your Stargazing to the Next Level

Elevate your stargazing sessions with the Celestron Omni 1.25' Plossl Eyepiece. Its exceptional optical performance and precision allow you to explore the universe with breathtaking clarity. Immerse yourself in celestial wonders and make unforgettable astronomical observations.

Celestron Omni series eyepieces offer a 50º apparent field of view, perfect for the Moon, planets, and a plethora of deep-sky objects. The premium four-element optical set is finished with multiple layers of high-transmission coatings for clear, sharp images. The edges of the optics are blackened for increased contrast.

The Omni eyepiece body is made of aluminium. A two-step anodizing process results in a beautiful matte finish that resists reflections and glare. Each eyepiece in the Omni Series includes a black rubber eyecup. It can be left up or folded down for better observations while wearing eyeglasses. Models with a longer barrel (15mm, 32mm, 40mm) include a rubberized grip for non-slip handling during observing sessions. The insert barrel is threaded to accept 1.25” filters.

Celestron Omni 1.25" Plossl Eyepieces - Exceptional Views and Precision.

£32.00 £37.00 13% Off