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Primaluce Lab EAGLE-compatible Power Cable for Accessories with Cigarette Plug - 35cm for the 3A Connector

Primaluce Lab EAGLE-compatible Power Cable for Accessories with Cigarette Plug - 35cm for the 3A Connector


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Enhance your astrophotography setup with the PrimaLuceLab EAGLE-Compatible Power Cable, expertly designed for accessories with a cigarette plug. This 35cm cable is specifically tailored for use with the 3A connector of the PrimaLuce Lab EAGLE control unit, ensuring a secure and efficient power connection.

Key Features:

  • Length and Compatibility: At a convenient length of 35cm, this cable is perfect for setups where space is at a premium and tidiness is paramount. It’s designed to connect directly to the 3A power out port of the EAGLE unit, offering a compact and efficient power solution.
  • Cigarette Plug Design: The cable features a standard cigarette plug adapter, making it compatible with a wide range of astrophotography accessories. This universal design ensures it can be used with various devices that require a cigarette lighter type power input.
  • Secure Connection: The cable is engineered for a secure fit to both the EAGLE unit and your astrophotography accessories. This secure connection prevents accidental disconnections and power interruptions, a crucial factor during long observation or imaging sessions.
  • High-Quality Construction: Made with durable materials, this cable is built to withstand the rigors of regular use in various environments. Whether you are in a remote observing location or in a home observatory, it provides a reliable power source.
  • Easy Integration: The EAGLE-Compatible Power Cable integrates seamlessly with the PrimaLuce Lab EAGLE system, maintaining the aesthetic and functional harmony of your astrophotography setup.

Ideal for amateur and professional astronomers, this power cable is a necessary addition to any astrophotography rig that relies on the EAGLE system for power distribution. It represents PrimaLuce Lab's commitment to providing practical, high-quality accessories that enhance and simplify the astrophotography experience.

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