Dark Clear Skies

dcs D80MM

DCS D80mm Field Flattener


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Dark Clear Skies introduce its DCS D80mm Field Flattener

    • Feature Overview:

      • Enhances refractors for astrophotography by optimizing performance.
      • Corrects aberrations to produce sharp, clear, and uniformly flat images.
      • Features fully multi-coated optics for superior light transmission.
      • Includes interchangeable M42 & M48 T-Thread adapters for versatile camera connections.


      • Type: 1X Field Flattener
      • Backfocus: 55mm
      • Compatibility: Works with f/5 to f/7.5 refractors
      • Image Circle: 44mm diameter
      • Connection: 2" barrel
      • Optional threaded adapter for LPO refractors
      • DCS D80MM Includes both M42 & M48 T-thread adapters

    DCS D80mm Field Flattener