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ESATTO 2" focuser with ARCO 2" rotator


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Introducing the ESATTO 2" focuser bundled with the ARCO 2" rotator, complete with the necessary adapter for seamless connectivity. This combination empowers you to effortlessly manage focusing and rotation remotely, all within a sleek, compact focuser measuring just 90.5mm in thickness and boasting a generous 50.9mm free aperture.

Thanks to the thoughtful design of the ESATTO focuser and ARCO rotator, you won't find yourself tangled in a web of various USB and power cables. Instead, you'll have the simplicity of a single USB cable connecting to the ESATTO (with the option to add 12V power if your computer's USB port falls short in providing sufficient current), and a short cable to link the ESATTO to the ARCO.

Included in this package:

  • ESATTO 2" robotic focuser
  • ARCO 2" camera rotator and field de-rotator
  • PL3600412 - Primaluce Lab Connection Adapter bridging ESATTO 2" and ARCO 2"
  • ESATTO 2 focuser with ARCO 2 rotator

Taking charge of both focus and rotation is a breeze with PLAY - PrimaLuce Astrophotography software. The ESATTO focuser and ARCO rotator come equipped with ASCOM drivers, making them compatible with any Windows astrophotography software supporting ASCOM focusers and rotators. Additionally, you have the option to harness the power of PLAY, the specialized astrophotography software developed by PrimaLuce Lab. PLAY simplifies the operation of telescopes, enabling seamless integration with cameras, optical tubes, mounts, and other accessories, allowing you to exercise full control.

Unleash precision focus control with PLAY - PrimaLuce Astrophotography software. This software empowers you to remotely fine-tune your telescope's focus using the ESATTO focuser and leverage the ARCO rotator as both a camera rotator and a field de-rotator, depending on your telescope's mount configuration.

Embrace seamless rotation control with PLAY - PrimaLuce Astrophotography software.

ESATTO 2" focuser with ARCO 2" rotator