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Explore Scientific

Explore Scientific 100° Ar Eyepieces

Explore Scientific 100° Ar Eyepieces


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Experience panoramic viewing with our wide-angle eyepieces, designed to enhance your observational experience by providing a broad apparent field of view. This not only creates an immersive visual journey but also ensures comfort, allowing observers to focus on intricate details for longer periods. Our ultra-wide angle eyepieces are pivotal in military applications for precise targeting, while models with extended eye-relief significantly reduce the risk of eye strain and injury from recoil.

Discover the advanced protection of our 100° Series Argon-Purged Waterproof eyepiecTes. Each piece is meticulously sealed and filled with inert, dry argon gas, safeguarding against internal fogging, dust, particulates, and fungal growth. This careful preservation extends the lifespan of internal coatings, ensuring enduring performance.

To guarantee their resilience and quality, every 100° Series eyepiece undergoes rigorous testing, including submersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. This process affirms their waterproof integrity and durability.

For superior image quality, all 100° Series eyepieces feature full multi-coating and edge-blackening techniques, optimizing contrast for a stunningly clear and detailed view.


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