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The Explore Scientific FCD-100 CF Hex is a premier 102mm air-spaced triplet apochromatic refractor, encapsulated within a lightweight carbon fiber tube, and equipped with an ultra-precise 2.5" HEXAFOC focuser. Apochromats are unparalleled in their class, offering a blend of portability, exceptional image clarity, and sharpness, making them ideal for capturing stunning astrophotography. Recent advancements in optical technology have made high-quality apochromats more accessible, and the FCD-100 CF Hex stands out by setting new standards for color and spherical correction at its price point, as evidenced by its impressive polystrehl value of 0.97.

This versatile telescope is designed for both the avid astronomer and astrophotographer. Its rapid f-ratio enables short exposure times, while its optical prowess reveals the sheer beauty of the cosmos, from the intricate details of distant nebulae to the sharp features of planetary bodies. Its compactness and lightweight design, complemented by a retractable dew shield, make it an ideal companion for travel. The cutting-edge glass and manufacturing techniques result in a telescope that promises the utmost satisfaction in observation. The 2.5" HEXAFOC focuser, with its 10:1 reduction and broad 65mm inner diameter, effectively prevents vignetting, even when used with large sensor cameras for astrophotography.

Explore Scientific's Triplet ED APO Refractors are offered in three distinguished product lines:

  • Essential Line: Equipped with HOYA FCD-1 Glass lenses, an aluminum tube, and a 2.0" Rack & Pinion Focuser, among other high-quality features.

  • Professional Line: Features HOYA FCD-100 Glass lenses housed in either aluminum or carbon fiber tubes, and a 2.5" HEXAFOC Focuser for enhanced focusing precision.

  • High-End Line: Showcases OHARA FPL-53 Glass lenses within a carbon fiber tube and includes a 3.0" Feather-Touch Focuser, representing the pinnacle of quality and performance.


  • Aperture: 102mm
  • Focal Length: 714mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/7.0
  • Optical Design: Triplet apochromat with FCD-100 glass
  • Weight: 3.3kg, attributed to the carbon fiber tube's lightness
  • Backfocus: 150mm above a 2" adaptor

Package Includes:

  • Optical tube with a retractable dew-shield
  • 2.5" HEX focuser with a 1:10 gear reduction
  • 2" Star Diagonal with 99% reflectivity
  • Tube rings, dovetail plate, and handle
  • Extension tubes for the focuser
  • Dust caps for the lens and focuser
  • Universal finder slot

Applications: Suited for deep sky observation and photography, terrestrial viewing and imaging, lunar and planetary observation and photography, catering to advanced amateurs, specialists, researchers, and visual enthusiasts.

Optical Specifications:

  • Design: Apochromatic Refractor
  • Magnification: From 20x to a recommended maximum of 200x
  • ED Glass: Yes
  • Material: HOYA FCD-100 for the front lens or corrector plate

General Technical Data:

  • Material OTA: Carbon fiber
  • Color: Carbon Fiber
  • Eyepiece Barrel Diameter: 50.8 mm
  • Mount Type: Optics without Mount
  • Extended Warranty: 10 years