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Explore Scientific ED80-FCD100 Series Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor

Explore Scientific ED80-FCD100 Series Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor


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Unlock the mysteries of the cosmos with the Explore Scientific 80mm FCD100 Apochromatic Refractor, a telescope engineered to bring the distant universe right before your eyes. From the lunar surface's stark beauty to Saturn’s majestic rings, and the mesmerizing clusters of the Messier catalog, this telescope is designed for unparalleled celestial discovery.

Crafted with premium Hoya FCD100 optics, akin to the esteemed Ohara FPL-53 glass, this model stands at the pinnacle of the FCD series. Thanks to cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, Explore Scientific has achieved a breakthrough in optical glass production, offering exceptional chromatic aberration correction and setting a new standard for high-quality, affordable astronomy equipment.

Explore Scientific ED80-FCD100 Series Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor Telescope - FCD100-0806-01

The telescope's true diffraction-limited optical system is perfectly sized for both impromptu stargazing and serious celestial exploration. Its air-spaced triplet optical design nearly eliminates chromatic aberrations, creating spectacularly crisp, high-contrast images. This clarity is enhanced by the use of genuine HOYA FCD100 extra-low dispersion (ED) glass combined with proprietary EMD enhanced multi-layer coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces.

Further enhancing its capabilities, the telescope includes a 2.5" Hexagonal focuser, capable of supporting up to 10 lbs of additional equipment with unparalleled stability. Though compact enough to be mounted on a larger telescope for added astrophotography versatility, it’s a standout performer on its own.

The ED80 Classic White f/6 Air Spaced Triplet comes complete with Hoya FCD100 optics, an integrated dew shield for clear viewing in any conditions, a 480mm focal length, and a robust 2.5" HEX focuser with two extension tubes. An integrated Vixen-Style Dovetail and Explore Scientific’s 2N1 Hybrid Finder Scope Base add to its versatility. With a weight of just 7.5lbs, this telescope is the quintessential grab-and-go instrument for any astronomy enthusiast eager to explore the night sky’s most enchanting sights.

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