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EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC MN-152 David H. Levy Comet Hunter Telescope


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Premium Maksutov-Newtonian Telescope with 152mm Aperture

  • 152mm Maksutov-Newton Design: Offering high correction for sharp visual observations and astrophotography.
  • 731mm Focal Length: Delivers a wide field of view with impressive detail.
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Tube: Ensures rigidity and reduces thermal focus shift to nearly zero, maintaining stability during observation.
  • No Additional Corrector Needed: Provides excellent performance for both visual use and astrophotography, compatible with APS-C sensors.
  • Integrated Camera Mounting Handle: Conveniently attach cameras for astrophotography.
  • Universal 44mm Dovetail Plate: Fits Vixen SP/GP, Meade LXD75, Skywatcher EQ5, and Bresser EXOS I/II mounts. Made with a durable stainless steel rail.
  • High-Quality Finder Scope with Illumination: Includes a straight-through 8x50 finder scope for easy object tracking, equipped with an illumination unit.
  • Complete Scope Package: Includes telescope, manual, tube rings, handle, 8x50 finder scope, ES 30mm LER 52-degree eyepiece, focuser extension, 44mm universal dovetail plate, 2"/1.25" reducer, and a carbon fiber dew shield.
  • Maksutov-Newton MN-152 Comet Hunter Telescope by David H. Levy

    • Precision Optics for Wide-Field Observations and Astrophotography: The MN-152 telescope, designed with input from renowned "comet hunter" David H. Levy, provides highly corrected optics that excel in both visual observation and astrophotography.

    • Advantages of Maksutov-Newton Design: Compared to classic Newtonian telescopes, the Maksutov-Newton has reduced coma, offering a sharper field of view. Traditional Newtonian telescopes often exhibit coma, a distortion that makes stars appear to have tails, impacting sharpness and contrast. The Maksutov-Newton system corrects this, delivering crisp and high-contrast images across the field of view.

    • Scope of Delivery: This telescope package includes a carbon fiber optical tube with a 2" Crayford focuser (10:1 reduction), carbon dew shield with a dust cap, tube rings with dovetail, a 52° LER 30mm eyepiece, and an 8x50 finder scope with illumination. It also comes with a universal 44mm dovetail plate, suitable for various mounts, and a detailed instruction manual.

    • Technical Specifications: The telescope has a focal length of 731mm, a 152mm primary mirror diameter, and a 49mm secondary mirror diameter, with an aperture ratio of 4.8. The focusing system is a 2" Crayford focuser with a 10:1 reducer, offering smooth and precise focusing. The Enhanced Multilayer Desposition (EMD) coating enhances light transmission.

    • Applications and Focus Groups: Ideal for deep-sky observation and photography, lunar and planetary studies, and other advanced amateur or research applications. The telescope caters to a wide range of enthusiasts, from visual observers to specialists.

    • Dimensions and Weights: The telescope's overall length, including the dew shield, is 825mm, with a tube diameter of 180mm. It weighs 7.9kg with all accessories, and the heaviest part is 7kg.

    The Maksutov-Newton MN-152 David H. Levy Comet Hunter Telescope is a versatile, high-quality telescope that offers exceptional performance for both astrophotographers and visual observers. Its carbon fiber build ensures stability, while the advanced optical design reduces coma, providing sharp and clear views throughout the field of view.

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC MN-152 David H. Levy Comet Hunter Telescope