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Wanderer Rotator Pro V2(M92)


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Welcome to Dark Clear Skies, where the night sky comes alive with clarity and precision. Our featured product, the Wanderer Rotator Pro, is a professional-grade M92 rotator that promises high-speed, high-precision astronomical imaging. Key features include a maximum payload of 12 Nm, ultra-low profile design for space efficiency, zero flexure with a patented magnetic design, and versatile installation options. Ideal for both amateurs and professionals, it's time to elevate your stargazing experience with the best in astrophotography equipment

Cable wrap detection

Detect potential cable wrap risks

Super large clear aperture

M92 clear aperture brings you more alternatives
Ultra low profile

Only 16mm thick, saving every millimeter of space
Can be installed in both directions

M92 male in female out ✔ M92 female in male out
Zero flexure guaranteed

Patented magnetic design Absolute zero flexure is guaranteed at any PA
TOA130 +
Feather Touch focuser +
WandererRotator Pro +
Moravian Full frame camera

at random PA

Wanderer Rotator Pro V2(M92)