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Falcon Rotator


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Falcon Rotator is a lightweight, low-profile camera field rotator. Do not be fooled by its thin size! It can lift and handle heavy image trains – dead accurate!

Very easy to operate via ASCOM drivers or Unity Platform software, will make your life easier to automatically orient, with precision, your camera field.

Pegasus Astro – Falcon Rotator

Precise rotation

A powerful geared / low backlash, quiet stepper motor ensures that the rotator will precisely lock to the designated degrees. Mechanics inside the focuser guarantee zero flex at any point during a full circle rotation.

Low profile

Thickness of the rotator is 18mm / 0.7”
When you use the M54 to M48 adapter the backfocus is +1mm (18+1 = 19mm)
Weight is 700grams. Both openings of the rotator are M54 threaded (pitch 0.75mm)

Rated load

Falcon Rotator has been tested at 6Kg / 13.2lbs of imaging setup.
The sophisticated mechanical design that uses 6 stainless steel bearings can easily handle high payloads with zero flexure.

Cable Wrap Prevention

Rotator does not allow a clockwise turn above 220 degrees. It will turn anti-clickwise when it has to be moved above 220 degrees.

A nice cable wrap/snag prevention feature out of the box.

Adapters for both sides (included)

Falcon Rotator backfocus

We provide (in the box) two different adapters for both sides:

  • Telescope Side: M54 male to 2” Nosepiece (1.5mm thickness)
  • Camera Side: M54 Male to M48 Male Adapter (2.0mm thickness)
    For optional adapters click here

The M54 adapter black ring on the camera side of the Falcon Rotator sticks out by almost 1mm (so actual back-focus is 18+1 =19mm)

Backfocus drawing can be found on the left (click for enlarge):

De-Rotation support for Alt/Az mounts

Falcon Rotator Software - De-Rotation

Falcon Rotator