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GIOTTO 120 Smart Flat Field Generator from Primaluce Lab


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Introducing the GIOTTO 120 Smart Flat Field Generator by Primaluce Lab

The GIOTTO 120 is a cutting-edge Smart Flat Field Generator meticulously crafted by Primaluce Lab's engineers. It's specifically designed to assist you in capturing precise flat calibration frames, catering to telescopes with apertures of up to 120mm.

Key Features of GIOTTO 120:

  1. High-Performance LED Lights: GIOTTO employs an array of LED lights with a colour temperature closely resembling that of the Sun. This ensures a neutral colour tone in your calibration frames.

  2. Specially Designed Light Diffuser: The device incorporates a thoughtfully designed light diffuser, ensuring even and consistent illumination for accurate calibration.

  3. Adjustable Light Intensity: With integrated electronics, you can precisely adjust GIOTTO's light intensity through 100 steps, ranging from 0% to 100%. This level of control enables you to fine-tune your calibration process.

  4. Versatile Mounting: GIOTTO offers flexibility in installation. It can be easily secured in front of telescopes with an external tube diameter ranging from 77mm to 140mm, thanks to the included thumbscrews.

  5. Multiple Connectivity Options: The device features a USB-C port for seamless connection to your EAGLE or any standard Windows computer. This connectivity allows for remote control using popular software like PLAY or ASCOM drivers. Additionally, GIOTTO is equipped with WiFi capabilities, enabling wireless control via your smartphone or tablet through the included Virtual Hand Pad.

  6. Optional Telescope Cover Motor: For those looking to automate the capture of calibration files or remotely open and close their telescope, GIOTTO can be used in conjunction with the optional ALTO telescope cover motor, transforming it into a motorized cap that can be controlled remotely.

Calibration is a critical aspect of astrophotography, significantly enhancing the quality of your results. Special calibration frames, including flats, darks, and bias frames, play a crucial role in post-processing. Flat frames, in particular, help mitigate issues like vignetting and shadows caused by dust on your optical system. GIOTTO is the intelligent solution for capturing precise flat calibration frames, optimizing your astrophotography.

It's important to note that the GIOTTO 120 flat field generator is ideal for telescopes with a maximum illuminated diameter of 120mm. We recommend it for use with compact telescopes such as refractors with apertures up to 90mm. When selecting a flat field generator, choosing a model with an illuminated panel larger than your telescope's optics is advisable. Additionally, ensure that the external tube diameter of your telescope falls within the maximum illuminated diameter of the flat field generator.

Experience unparalleled precision and convenience in your astrophotography calibration process with the GIOTTO 120 Smart Flat Field Generator. Upgrade your setup today and capture calibration frames like a pro.

GIOTTO 120 Smart Flat Field Generator from Primaluce Lab