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Wanderer Rotator Mini V2(M54)


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Dark Clear Skies proudly presents the Wanderer Rotator Mini V2, a revolution in astrophotography. This ultra-lightweight, low-profile rotator weighs just 420 grams and is only 10mm thick, making it perfect for on-the-go astronomers. It features a high payload capacity of 5 Nm, rapid movement at 4.5 degrees/sec, and exceptional precision with a resolution of 0.01 degree. The V2 model enhances stability with a new 12V power input port. Its patented magnetic design ensures zero flexure at any position angle, ideal for altazimuth and Dobson telescope users​.

Ultra low-profile

Only 10mm
Zero flexure guaranteed

Patented magnetic design Absolute zero flexure is guaranteed at any PA


For users of altazimuth and Dobson telescopes
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Wanderer Rotator Mini V2(M54)