Lacerta Amici Prism for Polar Finder Scope


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Lacerta Amici Prism for Polar Finder Scope for Skywatcher and Celestron Polar Finders

This useful accessory speeds up accurate polar alignment by providing a more comfortable position for the user.
We hear from many of our customers that they find it too expensive for a "diagonal", so we thought we should mention that it is much more than a diagonal. It is a fine optical instrument that contains a lens>prism>lens system with changeable magnification plus an adapter that makes it possible to connect it to a polar scope. It doesn't actually change the orientation of the image, so you'll see exactly the same thing as before, when you were looking through the polar scope directly.
It is a unique accessory of its kind that was designed in the European Union and manufactured in the European Union in high quality and low quantities, hence the high price tag.

Simply attach it to the polar scope and secure it with a thumbscrew. Focus by turning the eyepiece. There is a choice of two magnifications: 1.25x and 2.5x.

Simple, comfortable and saves you from neck pain.

Compatible with Skywatcher EQ3, Skywatcher EQ5, Skywatcher HEQ5, Skywatcher NEQ6, Celestron CG-4, Celestron CG-5,  Vixen, Lacerta and Polarie polar scopes.

Please note, it can be used with the Vixen Polarie with limitations only. There are two problems, the thumbsrew will just hold onto it (quite miraculously as the length of the "neck" on the Polarie Polarscope is really short, so we are surprised that the thumbscrew holds it in place at all...if you use it in this combination, it might be a good idea to fix a string to the POLAMI and hang it from the mount, so that it won't fall even if the thumbsrew loosens up...). The second problem is that due to the magnifying effect of this Amici Prism, the edge of the screen is not visible, so depending on how you want to use it, you may or may not succeed. This relates only to Vixen Polarie Polarscope users.

Otherwise, it'll fit most polar scopes with eyepiece end diameter not more than 30.0mm, but bear in mind that even at the smaller magnification level of 1.25x, you will not see the full screen.

Lacerta Amici Prism upgrade for polar finderscope
Telescope mount and polar scope are not included. Only for demonstration.

Polar finder is not included. Only for demonstration.



Lacerta Amici Prism for Polar Finder Scope