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LUNT LS60MT/B600R&P Multipurpose Telescope

LUNT LS60MT/B600R&P Multipurpose Telescope


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The Lunt LS60MT/B600R&P Multipurpose ED Telescope is a highly versatile instrument designed for both solar observation in H-alpha light and night sky viewing. It features a modular design that allows easy transition between solar and astronomical uses. This telescope is equipped with a 2-lens ED refractor FPL-51, offering a 70mm aperture for night-time observations and a 60mm usable aperture for H-alpha solar observations. The solid Rack & Pinion (R&P) focuser with 10:1 reduction ensures precise focusing, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

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For solar observing, the LS60MT/B600 includes an internal Etalon filter achieving a bandwidth of less than 0.7 Angstrom, thanks to an innovative air pressure tuning system called Pressure-Tuner. This system allows for fine-tuning to the H-alpha line by slightly changing air pressure inside the telescope, ensuring a homogeneous image without central obstruction and a permanently protected Etalon without erosion. The B600 blocking filter included is suitable for visual solar observing and solar imaging with cameras equipped with small CCD chips. For cameras with middle or large-sized CCD chips, a LS60MT with a B1200 blocking filter is recommended.

The telescope's modular design means the H-alpha Etalon system can be quickly removed for night sky observation, transforming the instrument into a normal telescope with a 70mm aperture and 420mm focal length. This ED Doublet lens promises excellent image quality for observation and photography of the night sky. Additionally, the telescope can be used during the day for nature and landscape observations with an additional Amici prism.

The LS60MT is not only limited to H-alpha and night sky observation but also offers more applications with additional accessories. This includes the possibility for double-stacking with filters like the LS50FHa or LS60FHa for enhanced solar surface detail, white-light observing with a sun filter or Herschel-wedge for sunspots, and Ca-K wavelength observation for super-granulation effects.

This makes the Lunt LS60MT a comprehensive tool for astronomers who require a flexible and high-quality instrument for various observing conditions. Its compact size and lightweight design also make it an ideal travel telescope for all applications

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