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LUNT LS60MT/R&P Multipurpose Telescope OTA

LUNT LS60MT/R&P Multipurpose Telescope OTA


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The LUNT LS60MT/R&P Multipurpose Telescope OTA is a versatile instrument designed for both solar observation in H-alpha light and night sky viewing. It features a modular design that allows for easy conversion between solar and astronomical uses. For solar observation, a LUNT blocking filter is necessary, and the telescope offers impressive capabilities with a 60mm aperture and a 420mm focal length. The H-alpha wavelength observation reveals detailed solar phenomena such as prominences, filaments, and flares.

Key features include a 2-lens ED refractor with an FPL-51 glass offering a 70mm aperture for night sky observation and 60mm for H-alpha solar observation, promising excellent image quality. The telescope is equipped with a high-quality 2-inch Rack & Pinion (R&P) focuser with a 10:1 reduction for fine adjustments. Its air pressure tuning system, known as Pressure-Tuner, allows precise tuning to the H-alpha line by adjusting the air pressure in a chamber inside the telescope, ensuring a homogeneous image without central obstruction.

For solar observation, the internal Etalon filter achieves a bandwidth of less than 0.7 Angstrom, and the system's modular design means the H-alpha Etalon can be removed for night-time astronomical observation, utilizing the full 70mm aperture. The LS60MT is designed to be safe for observing the sun when equipped with the necessary blocking filter, and it also allows for additional observational capabilities such as double-stacking with optional filters for enhanced solar detail, white-light observing with a sun filter or Herschel-wedge, and Ca-K wavelength observation for super-granulation effects.

The LS60MT's portability and modular design make it an ideal choice for enthusiasts who demand flexibility and high-quality performance in their observations, whether tracking solar activity or exploring the night sky. Its adaptability, combined with the quality of its optical and mechanical components, positions it as a highly regarded telescope in the astronomy community​

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