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Oasis Focuser Universal Adapter

With the universal adapter Oasis Focuser can be installed on many telescopes such as Takahashi FSQ106, TOA130, Epsilon Newtonian, SkyRover 72ED, Sharpstar, Newtonian etc



For some telescopes Oasis Focuser cannot be installed directly by using a clamp due to the limitation of shape, size, space etc. However with the universal adapter, Oasis Focuser can be installed on the coarse-tuning side of most telescope focusers. Those telescopes include Takahashi FSQ106、TOA130、Epsilon newtonian, SkyRovere 72ED, Sharpstar newtonian and etc.

As shown in Figure 1, 2, 3 and 4, the focuser of the telescopes can not be connected to a clamp directly


Figure 1 Takahashi FSQ106 APO


Figure 2 Takahashi TOA130-NS APO


Figure 3 SkyRover 72ED


Figure 4 Sharpstar 150F2.8HNT Newtonian

In order to install Oasis Focuser on those telescopes, we designed and developed the universal adapter. The universal adapter has a round mounting point, and then Oasis Focuser main body can be installed on the mounting point with a clamp.

As shown in Figure 5, the universal adapter includes the following components:


2、Fixing-bracket (One of Model A/B/C/D/T)

3、Shaft-converter (One of A-type or B-type)


5、A5 Gear



Figure 5

To fit different telescope models, universal adapter are divided into some sub-models, including:

1、Adapter for FSQ106/TOA130-NFB

2、Adapter for Epsilon/TOA130-NS

3、Adapter for SkyRover 72ED

4、Adapter for Sharpstar newtonian

The difference between different sub-models is that they use different fixing-bracket or shaft-converter or screws. And with some simple measurements, we can create more universal adapter sub-models to fit more telescopes.

The components contained in these adapters are shown in Figures 6, 7, 8, and 9 below.


Figure 6 Adapter for FSQ106/TOA130-NFB


Figure 7 Adapter for Epsilon/TOA130-NS


Figure 8 Adapter for Sharpstar Newtonian


Figure 9 Adapter for SkyRover 72ED

When using a universal adapter to install Oasis Focuser, the clamp used is 30mm uniformly. Therefore, after installing the universal adapter, it is very convenient for users to share Oasis Focuser among different telescopes.

Below are some examples of installing Oasis Focuser using the universal adapter.


Install Oasis Focuser on FSQ106 with Universal Adapter


Install Oasis Focuser on SkyRover 72ED with Universal Adapter

Oasis Focuser Adapters