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Pegasus Astro

Pegasus Astro Ultimate Powerbox V3

Pegasus Astro Ultimate Powerbox V3


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Pegasus Astro Ultimate Powerbox V3

Ultimate Powerbox V3 EXPECTED BY SUMMER 2023 (UPBv3 in short) is the flagship of our Powerbox series. You asked for more features in the same size, we kept our promise: UPBv3 is a Wi-Fi and USB controlled power hub. A USB 3.1 Hub allows you to switch on/off 8 USB ports, 8 12V power outlets, 2 x Adjustable outputs (3-12V and 12-24V), 3 dew heaters, a new silent low-vibration stepper controller that can drive any stepper motor in the astronomy market as well as a power relay and an expansion port for devices that communicates with the UPBv3 Controller!

If you are tired of carrying multiple power packs and dealing with a mess of power and data cables, our Ultimate Powerbox v3, a sophisticated power control unit, is the “Ultimate” solution. Our idea is an enclosure that makes a sufficient number of amperes available. No cables disturb the movements of the mount and the instrument, only the main power cord and one USB data cord are attached to the Ultimate Powerbox which branches off the other cables powering all devices.

A quick glance: Up to 12V / 20Amps of provided electric current (240W). 6 x 12V smart and individual switcable outputs. Each output can be configured as constant 12V or pulse width modulated driven). Wi-Fi or USB Controllable Operation. 2 x 12V / Always ON Outputs. 3 x Dew Heaters Outputs.(Automatic Adjustable with AutoDew feature) 1 x Adjustable Power Output 3-12V -Regulated Output of 3Amps 1 x Adjustable Power Output 12-24V – Regulated Output of 4 Amps 1 x Power Relay switch 250V/10A 6 x USB3.1 (backwards compatible with USB2) and 2 x USB2 available ports (8 USB ports in total). Individual switchable via software. Stepper Motor Controller (Silend and low vibrating stepper controller. Can drive nearly any stepper motor in the astro -market up to 2Amps per coil). Physical push-button to control one function (e.g

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