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Pegasus eXternal Motor Controller


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eXternal Motor Controller

An Ultimate Powerbox v2, Pocket Powerbox Micro & Advance expansion accessory.

The external motor controller (in short XMC) was designed to expand the focus capabilities of the “Ultimate Powerbox v2” (supports a 2nd focus controller) and adds focus functionality to the “Pocket Powerbox Advance” or “Pocket Powerbox Micro“.

The device does not require a USB cable and can be attached directly to the EXT port of these Powerboxes. It can drive a large bipolar or unipolar stepper motor (up to 2Amps per coil) with high precision.


Controller support micro-stepping which can be configured via software to Full, Half, 1/4 step and 1/8 step. This provides additional precision due to higher resolution and a smooth rotation of the stepper motor shaft.

No USB port is required

You do not have to occupy a USB port as the controller does not require USB connectivity. Just plug the RJ12 port into the EXT port and the controller will be recognized from the powerbox software. Simple as that!

In the Box

1 x eXternal Motor Controller
1 x RJ12 to RJ12 – EXT cable (60cm)
1 x 2.1mm to 2.1mm DC cable (1m)

Note: The motor cable (RJ45 to RJ45) is now included in the Motor Focus Kit package


The controller is fully protected against undervoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature events.

Second EXT port available

A second EXT port allows you to daisy chain future equipment or connect your environmental sensor.

Supported Motors

We have successfully tested and controlled the following stepper motors:

Please note that each motor requires its own cable due to the different pin-out selection of each manufacturer. * We optionally provide any of these cables. Check cable type SKU at the below table.

Pegasus Motor Focus (v1 & v2) Straight RJ45 Network Cable
Starlight HSM 25 / 30 / 35 PEG-CMOT-HSM
Starlight MSM 25 / 30 / 35 PEG-CMOT-MSM
Starizona Micro-Touch PEG-CMOT-MSM
Rigel nStep Motors PEG-CMOT-MSM
Moonlite Stepper Motor PEG-CMOT-RJ45DB9
Robofocus Stepper Motor PEG-CMOT-RJ45DB9
Lakeside Stepper Motor PEG-CMOT-RJ45DB9
Lacerta Motor PEG-CMOT-LCRT

Technical Specification

Type Value
Supply Voltage 12V DC Preferred. Accepts 8.2-V to 24V – depends of the motor
Drive Current 2 Amps per motor coil
Motor Compatibility Unipolar and Bipolar Stepper Motors
Motor Output RJ45 Socket
Connectivity RJ12 Socket (Straight RJ12 to RJ12 cable) up to meters
Power Input Connector 2.1mm Centre Positive Socket
Dimensions 66mm x 66mm x 28 mm

Pegasus eXternal Motor Controller