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Phoenix Filter Wheel 8×1.25


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Phoenix Filter Wheel 8×1.25 - High-Precision Astrophotography Accessory


Upgrade your astrophotography with the Phoenix Filter Wheel 8×1.25. This high-quality accessory is designed to enhance your imaging capabilities and deliver exceptional performance. The filter wheel is meticulously crafted from durable aluminium 6061-T6, ensuring longevity and reliability for your astrophotography needs.

Precise Filter Positioning

The Phoenix Filter Wheel 8×1.25 features advanced Hall Sensing Technology for accurate filter positioning. Unlike traditional infrared sensor scanning, this filter wheel utilizes a magnet on the filter plate to detect the center of the magnet, resulting in improved positioning accuracy and precise alignment for your astrophotography sessions.

Smooth and Vibration-Free Rotation

Equipped with a super thin hybrid stepping motor, the Phoenix Filter Wheel 8×1.25 offers smooth and vibration-free rotation. Experience seamless transitions between filters, allowing you to capture stunning celestial objects with minimal disturbance and optimal image quality.

Convenient Type-C Data Port

The inclusion of a Type-C data port enhances the usability of the Phoenix Filter Wheel 8×1.25. Enjoy the convenience of reduced thickness and streamlined design, ensuring easy connectivity and compatibility with your astrophotography setup.

Wide Compatibility and Support

The Phoenix Filter Wheel 8×1.25 is designed to support various astrophotography equipment, including Ares series, planetary cameras, and guiding cameras. With M42*0.75 body threads on both sides and support for 1.25″ filters with a maximum filter frame thickness of 8.5mm, this filter wheel offers versatility and flexibility for your imaging needs.

Elevate Your Astrophotography

Experience the next level of astrophotography with the Phoenix Filter Wheel 8×1.25. Upgrade your equipment, enhance your image quality, and unlock new creative possibilities. Invest in this high-precision accessory and elevate your astrophotography to new heights.

Phoenix Filter Wheel 8×1.25