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Player One

Player One Poseidon-M Pro (IMX571) Cooled Camera

Player One Poseidon-M Pro (IMX571) Cooled Camera

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Poseidon-M Pro (IMX571) Cooled Camera

New Cutting-edge Design Polygon like regular hexagon is very Player One, the DSO cooled cameras we want to make it more beautiful and practical. After a lot of trying, we fix the final style, which uses a scientific and technological octagon to construct the main body line and 4 sides are cambered surface, supplemented by round chamfers to achieve both rigidity and flexibility. The front piece is round to avoid diffraction on RASA. The positive red, which is like a summer fire, is matched with the low-key and steady black, and the super-fine frosting process on the entire surface makes the camera look luxurious and cool, and keep Player One style.

Advanced DSO Imaging

Poseidon-M Pro (IMX571) cooled camera is developed by Player One Astronomy, it`s designed for advanced DSO imaging. It adopts Sony IMX571 APS-C format monochrome sensor. The 3.76um pixel size accommodates a well depth of 71.7Ke with a total of 26MP (the resolution is 6252*4176), and the diagonal is 28.3mm. Rear Adjustment 4 Point Sensor Tilt Plate When taking deepsky objects, using sensor tilt plate can get a much smaller field curvature of the telescope. We adopt rear Adjustment and 4 point tilt plate, it has a lot advantages in usage. Deep Cooling Player One cooled camera series use 2 Stage TEC Cooling unit, after improved the structure design to reject the heat back to camera chamber, Camera Delta-T can reach over 40℃. 512MB DDR3 Cache As an improvement, DDR3 cache in cooled cameras is increased to 512MB. It helps stabilize and secure data transmission, it effectively avoids frame dropping and greatly reduces readout noise. STARVIS Technology Poseidon-M Pro (IMX571) cooled camera based on Sony STARVIS technology, it is back-illuminated pixel technology used in CMOS image sensors. APS-C Format Poseidon-M Pro cooled camera has APS-C format (23.5mm*15.7mm), this size is quite big for DSO imaging. Native 16bit ADC IMX571 sensor

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