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Primaluce Lab 100mm PLUS Tube Rings

Primaluce Lab 100mm PLUS Tube Rings


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For Skywatcher ED80 or ED100 or Similar Telescopes

The 100mm PLUS support rings are tailor-made for Ø100mm tube refractor telescopes like the Skywatcher ED80 and ED100. By adding these rings to your setup, you open up a world of possibilities for your telescope. It becomes versatile enough to be mounted on various mounts or even used in parallel configurations. These rings are designed to accommodate optical tubes with a 100mm diameter.

Our 100mm PLUS support rings are an integral part of the PLUS system (Prima Luce Universal System), a comprehensive ecosystem that includes a wide range of support rings, plates, guide rings, and dovetail clamps. This system offers you unparalleled flexibility to create your custom mechanical support system, tailored to your specific needs. All PLUS components are equipped with threaded holes, openings, and slots, ensuring secure connections while maintaining rigidity and ease of use.

In crafting these 100mm PLUS support rings and other elements of the PLUS system, we employ precision CNC machining on high-quality aluminium blocks. The aluminium surfaces are meticulously sandblasted to achieve a smooth finish, and they undergo hard anodizing to enhance material hardness and protect against oxidation.

The ingenious design of the 100mm PLUS support rings features strategically placed holes both above and below each ring. These holes enable you to:

  1. Attach Vixen or Losmandy plates beneath the rings, allowing you to mount the telescope on various types of mounts.
  2. Secure PLUS guide rings to the support rings using two screws for precise guiding purposes.
  3. Add Vixen or Losmandy plates above the rings, increasing overall mechanical system rigidity. This also facilitates the installation of other accessories like dovetail clamps with guide rings, enabling precise adjustments of your guide telescope's position.

Even if you have mechanical accessories from other brands, the PLUS system remains highly adaptable. We've incorporated a series of central slots, making it possible to attach plates or guide rings to these support rings using screws, accommodating a wide range of accessories seamlessly.

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