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The QHY5-III 174 Mono Camera is the first of the new QHY5-III series CMOS USB3.0 line. This camera is designed to be an excellent Planetary, Lunar and Solar and meteor capture video camera. With a 50mm F1.4 C-mount lens it can record stars of mag 8 to mag 9 at 30FPS (33ms exposure) in live video recording. This high sensitivity with HD resolution pushes video astronomy to new heights.
Sony introduced a new global shutter (GS) CMOS imaging technology called PregiusTM that redefines the GS CMOS imaging category and provides the best of both worlds with fast frame rate and CCD-like imaging performance.  The technology offers lower dark noise, which enables higher gains without compromising image quality, as well as higher quantum efficiency. 
The global shutter eliminates pixelation when imaging the Planets and Moon caused by atmospheric agitation and high frame rates. 
The unique QHYCCD design keeps the 1.25inch eyepiece design. The advantage of this design is a more efficient transfer of heat to the outer case enabling lower noise especially in high ambient temperatures.  The 1.25 inch design also offers the shortest possible backfocus, making the camera ideal for Off Axis guiding. In addition, the QHY5-III 174 uses the LEMO style connector for the guide port.  These connectors are known for being both rugged and reliable connectors.
QHY5-III 174 has both mono and color version. The camera is well suited for solar imaging using short focal length telescopes that will capture a full solar disk within the FOV. 

QHY5-III 174 Specifications

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Comparison of The QHY5-III Series