RA619 Bluetooth License-free PMR446 Two-way Radios x5.


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  1. RA619 Bluetooth License-free PMR446 Two-way Radios x5

  2. License-free band

  3. Built-in Bluetooth 

  4. Comes with a Bluetooth headset

  5. Vibration function

  6. OverView

    Built-in Bluetooth license-free radio

    Allows Retevis RA619 radio to pair with Bluetooth headset for “hands-free” operations.

    Retevis RA19 Bluetooth License-free Two-way Radios

    Portable Family Radio

    Reteivs RA619 is the PMR446 band license-free radio. A clear and loud enough voice provides a reliable and good way to communicate with your employees in security issues, checking customers and inventory, in retail, or making sure customers are served on time in the hotel.

    Portable Family Radio

    Wireless mirrowing

    Help you easy to mirror another radio's settings without the programming software.

    Wireless copy

    Feature 16 PMR446 channels

    Retevis RA619 Features 16 PMR446 channels with CTCSS(Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System) PRIVACY CODES, Through scanning, you can find active channels to communicate with other PMR446 radio devices regardless of brand.

    RA19 License-free Two-way Radios

    Easy to Use

    Comes with friendly designs such as Flashlight, earphone jack/Bluetooth headset, Vibration Function, and VOX for hands-free operation. Make Retevis RA619 walkie talkies a necessary tool for outdoor adventure and your business.

    RA19 Bluetooth earphone

    Dual-purpose battery

    ual-purpose battery

    Rechargeable Bluetooth headset

    Rechargeable bluetooth headset


    RA619 BOX


    Model RA619
    Frequency range PMR446: 446.00625-446.19375MHz
    Channel number 16CH
    Channel spacing 12.5KHz
    Standby current ≤8mA
    Operating temperature range -10℃~+50℃
    The antenna impedance 50Ω
    Rated Voltage 3.7V
    RF Power ≤0.5W
    Modulation restriction ≤2.5kH
    Adjacent channel selectivity ≥60dB
    Spurious radio frequency ≤7.5µW
    Emission current ≤1.3A
    Reference sensitivity ≤0.25uV
    Audio power ≥300mW
    Waiting current ≤8mA
    Turn on sensitivity ≤0.20uV
    Receive current ≤310 mA



    • Bluetooth wireless connection
    • Vibration function
    • Non-magnetic speaker
    • Torch Light
    • Monitor
    • Alarm function
    • VOX
    • VOX delay function
    • Key locks
    • Scan
    • TOT
    • Micro USB charger
    • Wireless mirrowing: Wireless data transmission between walkie-talkies without Programming Software.



    1. Wireless Bluetooth two-way connection easy to talk.
    2. Bluetooth headset call range: ≤10M; Working time: 5-8 hours.
    3. The operation is simple and the sound quality is good.
    4. Wireless data transmission between walkie-talkies without programming software.
    5. Eliminate the tail tone to avoid the impact noise from the loudspeaker at the end of the call.
    6. VOX enables normal calls without the need for PTT keys.
    7. SQL can adjust the ideal call environment in real-time.

RA619 Bluetooth License-free PMR446 Two-way Radios x5.