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Retekess PR16R Portable Voice Amplifier High Power with Microphone

Retekess PR16R Portable Voice Amplifier High Power with Microphone


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Retekess PR16R Portable Voice Amplifier High Power with Microphone.

voice amplifier microphone

The voice amplifier with a microphone 

Both the amplifier and the headphone is lightweight and comfortable. The headphone is comfortable on the head in the microphone is adjustable to the


Good sound quality

The sound quality made it really great for large groups of up to 50 people and walking around indoors within 20 meters, the sound can be clearly


MP3 player 

If you store the music file in the IF card or USB disk, the PR16R loudspeaker can play music from an MP3 player directly. You can enjoy the music at any

time.Support USB(Max 64G),TF card(Max 32G)

FM radio 

The voice amplifier support FM radio and the frequency is 87.5-108MHz, you can find the local station easily

Recording function

Portable personal mini pa system support one-key voice recording; just press the button; students can follow the recording; You can also record the

things for classes or conferences in advance

Rechargeable battery

Built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery, charging time for 4-6 hours, and the working time for 4-8 hours (musical mode)and 5-8hours (MIC mode). Not: It's

up to the volume you control

Bluetooth Function

More convenient to connect it to your phone

Voice amplifier microphone



PR16R voice amplifier microphone is compact, 4.57 x 3.40 x 1.60 inches;0.99lb lightweight. So small and light to carry and wear.Light and petite,

wearing no pressure for teacher and tour

FM radio

PR16R 12W voice amplifier is also an FM radio. Easy to find local FM stations

FM Frequency: 87.5-108MHz, As a teacher, when you are resting, you can always enjoy your favorite channels and radio stations. There is an

external antenna, help you find the local station easily

Multiple ways of wearing

You can put the voice amplifier with a microphone on your trousers.

You can wear a voice amplifier with the waistband to hang around the waist or carry on the shoulder

Voice amplifier for teachers


MP3 player

Personal speaker microphone headset, not just an amplifier, you can play music from TF card or USB flash drive. Storing the mp3 files in the TF card or

USB disk, then you can listen to the music from the mp3 files directly

Support recording

Wired microphone headset with one-key recording function, easy to operate and fast

Recording any important things at class or meeting and more with the inserted Micro SD card or USB flash drive, then you can play the recorded things

Built-in lithium battery

Rechargeable mini voice amplifier with 1200mAh recharged lithium battery, after full charging, using for a long time

If you have 6 classes one day, a class of 45 minutes will not delay your work

voice amplifier headset

Installation steps of the clip

fm radio

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