Retekess T118 Wireless Coaster Pager System 999 Channel


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Retekess T118 Wireless Coaster Pager System 999 Channel 

T118 Coaster paging system.

T118 Coaster Paging System


Retekess T118 wireless calling system support 998 pagers in total. It is made with ABS material which is more durable and fall resistant. It is also waterproof but you can't put it in the water.

This calling can be canceled by pressing the mute key on the pager. It can reach 500 meters in an open area. 


  1. Support 998 pagers. 

  2. Two notice modes: buzzer with vibration and flash; vibration with flash.

  3. Cancel the calling by pager mute key

  4. One button to turn off all the pagers

  5. 10 call records checking

  6. Once charge base charge 10 pagers 

  7. Notice time 30s
  8.  Keypad transmitter mute function (Mute: mute+998+call, Normal: mute+997+call)


Easy to Switch Modes

Normal mode: vibration+buzzing+flash

Mute mode: vibration+flash only

During charging state, press “MUTE+000+CALL” switch to Normal mode, and “MUTE+999+CALL" switch to Mute mode

Easy to Turn On/Off

999+call turn off all charging pagers

Automatic turn on after place pager in charging dock

T118 Guest Paging System Application:

Widely used in fast-casual restaurant, clinic, hospital, food truck, food court, church nursery, cafe, factory, warehouse.

Improve working efficiency, reduce stuff, balance revenue.

Best choice for your business.


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Retekess T118 Wireless Coaster Pager System 999 Channel