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Retekess T130S Portable Transmitter

Retekess T130S Portable Transmitter


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Retekess T130S Portable Transmitter for Tour Guides Interpreters is an upgraded version of the T130 transmitter and is compatible with the T131 receiver. It has a transmission range of 100 m/328 ft and a large battery capacity that allows for 20 hrs of continuous operation. It also supports AUX input and MIC input and is easy to use and set up.

The portable transmitter has two ways of wearing, you can hang it on your belt or pocket through the back clip; you can also use the included lanyard to hang it around your neck, the lightweight and pocket-sized design allow you to use it without feeling uncomfortable.

Long-range wireless transmitter Tour guides wearing the T130S transmitter can transmit information to visitors within 100 meters of themselves, so they don`t have to follow the guide around to listen to the explanation of the attractions, they will have more space to move around and a more enjoyable tour experience.

Rechargeable high-capacity battery The tour guide system transmitter has a built-in 4200mAh lithium battery, which can last for 20 hours when fully charged. You can use the included USB charging cable to charge it, and the current power level will be displayed on the screen when charging, so you can understand the power level of the device more intuitively.

Convenient features One key to turn off all receivers: After the tour activity is over, the guide only needs to long press the transmitter.

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