Retekess T130S T131S One Way Tour Guide System


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Retekess T130S T131S One Way Tour Guide System

Ease of Use The wireless tour guide system is engineered for simplicity. Both the transmitter and the receiver feature straightforward controls such as power on/off, volume adjustment, and channel selection. This design enables quick learning, reduces setup time, and minimizes confusion, ensuring smooth operation during tours.

Seamless Setup The system supports automatic pairing and includes a channel memory function, which recalls previously set channels, thereby streamlining the setup process for subsequent tours and reducing the need for repetitive adjustments.

Mute Function A mute mode is accessible by pressing the "+" button on the transmitter, allowing the tour guide to halt audio transmission temporarily without completely powering down the system. This function is crucial for emphasizing particular points or instructions without distraction.

Efficient Management The T130S system features a convenient function that can power down all paired receivers simultaneously with just one button press, greatly simplifying the process of concluding an event.

Extended Battery Life Equipped with a robust rechargeable lithium battery, the T130S system supports about 20 hours of continuous use, ideal for long or multi-day tours without the concern of battery depletion.

Volume Control The T131S receiver allows users to adjust the volume to suit personal preferences, ensuring clarity of sound in various environments, particularly beneficial in noisy settings or for those with hearing challenges. The T130S system is noted for its high volume output, accommodating hard-of-hearing users.

Broad Communication Range With a communication range of up to 100 meters, the T130S system ensures effective coverage across venues like museums and outdoor sites, facilitating clear communication between guides and dispersed participants.

Flexible Audio Inputs The transmitter supports both AUX and MIC inputs, enabling the simultaneous use of external audio sources and live commentary. This dual functionality enhances the diversity and richness of the information delivered to participants.

Multi-channel Capability Offering 49 channels, the T130S system allows multiple guides to operate concurrently without interference, each selecting a unique channel to maintain clear and distinct communication.

Superior Sound Quality Utilizing advanced PLL technology, the system delivers stable signals and crisp, clear sound quality, reducing background noise and enhancing the listening experience for all participants.

Universal Headset Compatibility While the receiver includes a D-type headphone suitable for either ear, it also accommodates any 3.5mm headphones, providing flexibility for users to use their preferred headsets. Additional options include disposable and single ear-hook headphones.

Scalable System An unlimited number of receivers can be connected to the system, allowing adjustments as group sizes vary, offering flexibility to accommodate any tour size efficiently.

Versatile Charging Solutions The system includes a USB charging cable and offers additional charging solutions like a 32-slot case, a 64-slot case, and a 16-slot charging base, catering to various user needs.

Convenient Wearing Options Both the transmitter and receiver can be worn around the neck with a lanyard or clipped to a belt, providing hands-free convenience and mobility.

Customizable Options Users can tailor the number of T130S transmitters and T131S receivers to meet specific requirements. Custom logos and lanyards are also available to integrate branding elements, enhancing the professional appearance of your tour operations. Contact us for customization details.

Retekess T130S T131S One Way Tour Guide System