Retekess T130S T131S Tour Audio Systems for Tourism with Charging Case


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Overview of the T130S-T131S Tour Audio System

This comprehensive system includes an upgraded model, the T130S-T131S, which maintains compatibility with previous versions while offering enhanced features. It's designed to facilitate clear communication in open spaces with different configurations achieving ranges of 80 meters and 50 meters respectively.


Key Features:

60-Port Carry Case: Our durable, aluminum alloy carry case is portable, drop-proof, and impact-resistant. It can store and charge up to 60 devices simultaneously, simplifying logistics for larger groups.

Extended Communication Range: With a range of up to 100 meters (328 feet), the system ensures participants can freely spread out without losing audio clarity, enhancing the experience at large sites or spread-out venues.

High-Capacity Rechargeable Battery: The system's transmitters and receivers boast a 20-hour battery life on a full charge, minimizing the need for frequent recharging, even during long tours.


Efficient Setup and Operation:

  • Automatic Pairing: Sync channels between transmitters and receivers within seconds, saving time and streamlining setup.
  • One-Touch Mute and Shutdown: Guides can easily mute the system or turn off all receivers with single-button controls, ensuring smooth operation throughout the tour.

Multiple Input Options:

  • MIC and AUX Inputs: Connect various audio sources using the MIC jack or a separate AUX jack to enhance the tour with music or pre-recorded commentary.

Advanced Charging Solution: The 32-slot charging case not only charges devices but also organizes them effectively. It's built from rugged, fireproof aluminum alloy and features a portable handle for easy transport.

User-Friendly Features:

  • Flexible Receiver Addition: Adapt the system dynamically to group size with the capability to connect an unlimited number of receivers.
  • Volume Control and Comfortable Accessories: Receivers come with adjustable volume controls and universal 3.5mm D-type headphones to accommodate various listener preferences.
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  • Frequency Range: 195-216MHz for both transmitter and receiver
  • Channels: 49
  • Battery Capacity: 4200mAh for transmitters, 900mAh for receivers
  • Operating Range: 100 meters (line of sight)
  • Sound Quality: High fidelity with a frequency response of 50-18000Hz and SNR of 80dB
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Package Contents:

  • 2 Transmitters, up to 30 Receivers, 32-slot Charging Case
  • Lavalier mics, earpieces, lanyards, charging cables
  • Comprehensive user manual

This robust system is designed to enhance guided tours by ensuring clear communication, ease of use, and reliable operation across a variety of settings.


T130S Transmitter

T131S Receiver

Frequency Range 


Frequency Range 


Channels  49CH Channels  49CH
Working Voltage  DC 3.7V Working Voltage DC 3.7V
Mic /Aux input  3.5mm

Earphone Jack

Frequency Response


Frequency Response 50-18000Hz
SNR  80dB(Typical) SNR 80dB(Typical)
RF spurious rejection  ≥90dB   RF spurious rejection ≥90dB




Operating Range  100m(line of sight) Operating Range 100m(line of sight)
Battery Capacity  4200mAh Battery Capacity


Battery Run Time  About 20 hours Battery Run Time About 20 hours
Weight 120g(without accessories) Weight 30g(without accessories)
Size  103*61*25.8mm(without antenna) Size 73*42*12mm
TT001 32-port Charge Case 
Color Silver
Material Aluminum alloy
Input AC110-220V, 50/60Hz
Output DC 5V, 7A
Size 500 x 265 x 140mm / 19.7 x 10.4 x 5.5 in
Weight 3200g / 7lbs

Package Includes:

Package Package List

2 TX+25 RX+1 Charge Case


2 x transmitter

2x lavalier mic
25 x receiver
25 x earpiece
27 x lanyard
27 x charging cable
1 x 32-slot charging case
1x User manual
2x headset microphone

2 TX+30 RX+1 Charge Case


2 x transmitter

2x lavalier mic
30 x receiver
30 x earpiece
32 x lanyard
32 x charging cable
1 x 32-slot charging case
1x User manual
2x headset microphone

Retekess T130S T131S Tour Audio Systems for Tourism with Charging Case