Retekess V111 Portable Radio with Digital Alarm Clock Sleep Timer


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Retekess V111 radio designed with a favorite key to enter your favourite station directly: you can set up a regular listening FM frequency, after setting it successfully, you can listen to it just press the Favorite button

V111 portable AM/FM clock radio comes with AM and FM bands; Good reception; Small pocket size; easy to carry to anywhere; Best radio for emergency using

Built-in loudspeaker and earphone jack; Built-in large speaker ensure a clear and loud sound; it can easily fill a room with your favorite radio stations; With the 3.5mm earphone jack; you are free to own some private space to enjoy the radios

Time and alarm time display with backlight; 12 or 24HR time display optional; Single alarm setting with ascending alarm sound to wake up; 5 seconds last backlight will fully illuminate the screen which makes it easy to see the time at night


Sleep timer function; Fall asleep with presetting playing radio for a certain amount of time (up to 90 minutes optional); Great for the senior, elder person on the top of gift ideal for parents


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V111 Digital Radio with DSP technology-based design, DSP(Digital Signal Processor)is signal modulation technique, now most of the radios are built with DSP function, with DSP can improve the radio receiver sensitivity

Portable Handheld AM/FM Radio 

Support AM/FM/SW 3 band stereo radio, manual search or auto search, lots of choice for radio fans. Single AM/FM switch button, easy to switch to your favorite band Battery operated , small pocket size , portable to carry to anywhere

V111 digital transistor radio:

FM1: 87-108 MHz, FM2: 64-108 MHz (Russia), FM3: 76-90 MHz (Japan), MW: 522-1620 KHz, SW: 3.2-21.9 MHz

Dimension:4.9 x 3 x 0.8 inch , Weight 150g / 0.33lb , Power supply DC 5V or 2 x AA batteries (not included)

This MW tuning increment is 9KHz/10KHz, which is used in the North/South American countries and Europe

Retekess V111 Portable Radio with Digital Alarm Clock Sleep Timer