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Retevis Ailunce HD2 DMR Radio,Dual Band 2 Way Radio GPS

Retevis Ailunce HD2 DMR Radio,Dual Band 2 Way Radio GPS


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  • Retevis HD2

  • We Have the GPS and Non GPS versions

  • VFO Mode for Easy Editing: Directly modify settings on your DMR radio without the need for a computer, streamlining operations and enhancing user convenience.

  • Enhanced Call Quality with Analog & Digital Modes: Experience superior call clarity when communicating through this DMR ham radio, compatible with both digital and analog two-way radios.

  • Hands-Free Wireless Communication: Connect to a variety of wireless earpieces, enabling hands-free calls for more efficient communication.

  • Built-In GPS Functionality: Utilize the GPS feature to locate yourself and stay in touch with your team members' positions, ensuring seamless coordination.

  • Durable and Waterproof Walkie Talkie: With IP67 dust-proof and waterproof certification, this ham radio is reliable in harsh conditions, offering durability and peace of mind.

  • Extended Range for Reliable Connectivity: Benefit from high-power output that ensures stable signals and strong penetration, overcoming obstacles for consistent communication in outdoor settings.

  • Ample Storage for Contacts: The DMR ham radio comes with extensive storage capacity, offering great flexibility and ease of management for contacts, enhancing the communication experience.

dmr radio ham radio dual band two way radio

Dual Band DMR/Analog 7W VHF

Single/Group/All Call

Flexibly meet various communication needs in different conditions

Dual Band DMR/Analog 7W VHF

Night Mode

Protect eyes while checking the channel and battery information at nightDigital Two Way Radio,Walkie Talkies Long Range,IP67 Waterproof

Digital Two Way Radio,Walkie Talkies Long Range

Large Contacts

DMR ham radio has a large storage, strong flexibility and is easy to manage and check, bringing convenience for flexible communication.

Digital Two Way Radio,Walkie Talkies Long Range

Long Range

High power provides a stable signal to connect, strong penetration to overcome various obstacles, making sure stable and reliable communication even when are outdoors.

Digital Two Way Radio,Walkie Talkies Long Range

Upgraded HD2

As the updated version of HD1, the HD2 ham radio restores the advantages of HD2 and increases more helpful functions to give users have better user experience. Specified alarm key used for emergencies, 10-level brightness, and night mode check information easily, wireless function releases hands and more contacts communicate handily. Multiple functions offer more chances for users to use HD2 digital radio in different environments.

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