Retevis RT40 PMR446 Walkie Talkie


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 2 PCS Retevis RT40 DMR Digital Walkie Talkie Tier I 0.5W FRS/PMR446 Digital/Analog Walkie-Talkie Ham Radio Handheld Comunicator2pcs



  1. RT40 supports licence-free operation according to DMR TierⅠ,it can also be operated as an analog radio.
  2. Ergonomic design,easy to operater and highly reliable.
  3. Three groups,48 channels,support Private call,group call,all call.

    Main feature:

  • 3 group(A B C group)
  • 48 channels and 48 contacts
  • TDMA direct mode
  • Private call, group call, all call
  • Scan function
  • VOX function
  • BCL function
  • TOT
  • Adjust squelch level
  • Battery saver
  • Monitor
  • 51CTCSS 214DCS
Technical Parameters
Frequency range
PMR Version UHF:446.0-446.2MHz 
or FRS Version 462-467MHz
PMR Version 0.5W
or FRS Version 0.5W/2W
Operating modes  
PMR Version   DMR TierⅠ(license-free DMR)
PMR446 analog
or FRS Version Digital and Analog
Channel capacity
Channel spacing
Battery type
Operating voltage
Battery capacity
Work time
Approx 11 hours (analog)
Approx 12 hours (digital)
Temperature range
Approx 150g


RT40 is one license-free, business DMR digital walkie-talkie which complies with DMR Tier I standard, fixed frequency, fixed antenna, non-removable.

Supports both analog and digital two modes and can be selected freely, compatible with other analog or digital two-way radios, saving purchasing cost for you.

In pass-through mode (walkie-talkie and walkie-talkie without relay mode), two groups of calls can be made at one frequency point.It improves the frequency utilization and avoids some signal interference.

Many call modes--single call / group call / all call ,make your call more free and convenient. 

51 CTCSS 214 DCS in analog mode, digital mode with digital encryption function, to protect the privacy of calls, avoid Serial frequency annoyance.

Enough far talk distance satisfies your talk needs.

Enough large battery capacity satisfies your daily call needs, extends use time ,and improves your using efficiency.

VOX function can free your hands ,no need to press the Pkey to talk, improving your work efficiency and convenience.

Also suitable for various kinds of situations.

Small size, size: 178*55*24mm (with antenna), which is very ideal for one-handed operation and carry around.

Retevis RT40 PMR446 Walkie Talkie