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 Retevis RT73 Mobile Transceiver, Dual Band Dual Monitor, DMR  Digital/Analog, 4000 Channels 200,000 Contacts, Built-in GPS, Dual Time  Slot, Mini Mobile Radio (1Pcs, Black): Electronics & Photo

About this item

  • Dual band amateur radio; LCD display; Dual band dual display and dual monitor; free combination 2m 70cm band; avoid missing call information
  • RT73 has two modes: digital and analog; can be used for normal calls and radio communication; built-in GPS function allows you to quickly share location with your partner
  • 4000 channels and 200,000 contacts; this means you have more choices when you are in radio communication; each channel can set the bandwidth; 25KHZ wideband/12.5KHz narrowband
  • Level 9 professional squelch; AMBE vocoder; crystal sound quality; rear exhaust fan dedicated for heat dissipation ensures the stability of RT73 calls
  • Mini Mobile Transceiver; RT73 weighs only 890g and size is121.5 x 65.5 x 42.5cm; Mini size and light weigh; Convenient to be placed in the car
  • RT73 supports CTCSS; DCS; 2Tone; 5Tone; and DTMF calling methods; Set-up your calling methods to call by group tones
  • You can set the RT73 through the microphone button and panel combination keys; such as editing channels; contacts etc
Retevis  RT73
The RT73 is to date one of the smallest dual band DMR mobile I've seen (approx 5x3x2"), about the size of a handheld.  If you have limited space to mount a radio, this DMR/Analog might be a possibility.
In the Box
Included with the radio are the:
-  Microphone
-  Mounting Bracket and Screws
-  12V power Cord - 6.5' (2.0m)
-  60 page User Guide - (10x6) 6 languages
-  GPS Antenna
-  Programming Cable
General Description
-   DMR / Analog 
-   Dual Timeslot (MotoTRBO compatible)
-   VHF / UHF Dual Band
-   Size:  4.75 x 3.0 x 1.7"  (121 x 76 x 43mm)
-   Weight:   11.6oz   (329g)
-   136-174   400-480 MHz 
-   5w-20w transmit
-   300,000 DMR DB IDs (w/ Latest FW/SW)
-   20,000 call groups
-   4000 channel
-   Analog APRS
-   16 zones (250 Chan / zone)
-   Built in GPS
-   DMR Roaming

The RT73 case is less than 5" across and weighs in at 11.6oz  (329g). There's a rear mounted heatsink and fan assembly for cooling, making it ideal for dash mounting or tight center consoles.

The fan is thermostatically controlled and remains off until there is heat build up. When on, fan is very quiet.
The rear of the case has two antenna connections. An SMA-F is used for the GPS, while the SO-239 handles the main antenna. The programming jack is located on the left side of the case.
Along with Power On/Off, there are 3 programmable keys, Volume/Squelch, and A/B select buttons. (shown on the enlarged image below). The function keys respond to both short and long presses.

The frequency range is VHF 136-174 and UHF 400-480 MHz, supporting both DMR and Analog (NB/WB).
The power levels hold very close to the specifications. There are two power levels with a low around 5.0W and a high clocking in at around 20W.
Power levels are listed below and were taken using a calibrated Bird Termaline watt meter.
RT73 Lo Hi
VHF 5.3 18.7
UHF 5.7 18.2
Microphone / Speaker
Along with the speaker in the radio, the RT73 also incorporates a speaker in the microphone. You have the option to select the speaker in the radio, the microphone, or both.
There is a microphone gain option as well. The ideal settings on my radio are MIC1=8dB / MIC2=10dB. Anything much higher is over driven to the point of distortion. My audio reports on the local repeaters have been excellent.
The microphone also has up/down keys as well as 4 programmable keys each with Long / Short press options. The keypad has no backlight and the microphone buttons are a bit small for my large fingers.
The radios .5 watt audio amp is used to power both the speaker in the radio and Spkr/Micr.
Receiver / Audio / Squelch
Promiscuous Mode (Digital Monitor)
The  RT73 has a Digital Monitor mode which is Time Slot dependent. It allows you to receive any transmission on a specific time slot. If your current channel is on TS1, this will allow any transmission on TS1 to be heard, regardless of its talk group.
This function can be assigned to a programmable key by selecting the "Promiscuous" option.
The multi colour high resolution screen size is 1.2" x 1.5" (2" diagonal). Here's are a few examples of the display. The last two images shows the database display options.
click to enlarge

The software is a bit different than most. The standard programming sequence is:
(1)  Create a Contact (TG) list.
(2)  Create your channels in the Channel area
(3)  Move the desired channels into one or more Zones.
The RT73 is a bit different.
(1a)  Create a Contact (TG) list.
(1b)  Create a Duplicate entry in the RX Group List (There is no default option)
(2)  Create a Zone
(3)  Individually build each channel within that zone. 
     If the same channel is to appear in 2 separate zones, each must be built separately.
Software Observations:
- No re-sequencing of channels within zones
- New lines cannot be inserted (all channels added to bottom of list)
- No cut / paste
- No channel or zone import / export  (.csv)

Always take a Software backup before, during and after making changes.
Note: There are 3 Time Slot options. TS1, TS2 and ON. When operating on simplex or using a Hotspot, the Receive Time Slot needs to be set to ON.
As additional features and future enhancements are developed, the radio can be updated to latest model. Updates can be done using a Windows computer in about 5 minutes.
Programming Cable 
The  RT73 comes with the necessary programming cable with the UART chip inside the USB connector. This is the same cable used by many analog handhelds with a standard K1 connector. The cable received has a UART chip manufactured by Prolific. The latest correct driver should load automatically when the cable is inserted. If there are driver issues, Prolific driver can be found HERE.

The Features include:
-  Small size
-  Nice heatsink and fan
-  300K DMR UserDB capable (latest SW/FW)
-  Bright color display
-  Programmable microphone gain
-  Promiscuous Mode (Digital Monitor)
-  Digital Roaming
-  GPS
highly recommend using the latest Firmware and Software for the latest fixes and features.
The latest stable release of the RT73 software can be found at the Retevis website.
Select 'Support', Then 'Firmware/Software'.

Retevis RT73