Sharpstar 0.75x f4.4 Reducer for 61EDPH III


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Sharpstar 0.75x f4.4 Reducer for FULL FRAME Cameras for Sharpstar 61EDPH Mark III Telescope - M48 Camera Connection

  • M68 Connection Thread to the 61EDPH Mark III telescope
  • Designed for Full Frame cameras

This Reducer/Flattener has been specifically designed for the Sharpstar 61EDPH MARK III APO telescopes.

(It might possibly work with other similar telescopes as well, but we cannot offer any recommendations about that...)

Description of the special full-frame reducer of 61EDPH Ⅲ:

One end of the thread is M68 × 1, connected to the focuser; the other end of the thread is M48 × 0.75 and has a built-in 2" filter thread. The back focus is 55mm. If it needs to be extended, the adapter can be unscrewed to reveal the M54 × 0.75 male thread, and the back focus becomes 75mm. The focuser adopts a quadruplet air-spaced structure, supporting full-frame imaging. With the reducer, the focal ratio of 61EDPHⅢ is reduced to F4.4 and the focal length is reduced to 270mm, making the telescope the first choice for fast deep sky astrophotography.



Application 61EDPHⅢ
Focal ratio f/4.4
Image circle 44mm
Lens quadruplet air-spaced structure
Back focus 55mm (including the M48 thread)
Coating full-surface multi-layer coating
Weight 0.4kg


Sharpstar 0.75x f4.4 Reducer for 61EDPH III