SharpStar 140PH 140mm f/6.5 Dual ED Triplet APO


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SharpStar 140PH 140mm f/6.5 Dual ED Triplet APO Apochromatic Refractor Telescope

The serious amateur's astro photo instrument with a pioneering (in this size) dual ED optical system. A fast triplet APO with 910mm focal length, with incredible colour correction, excellent choice for both astro photography and nature photography!


If the above is not enough, combine it with a dedicated 0.73x 3" focal reducer and enjoy a super fast f/4.8 Sextuplet APO!


We would usually test about 30 - 60% of  the arriving Sharpstar and Askar telescopes (except the smallest ones in the FMA and ACL range). This will provide us with a good understanding of the quality of that batch of optics. We would also test the focuser and check the optical tube, tube rings and dovetail bar and accessories for any visible damage or fault and take a series of test images with a full frame dSLR camera of a specially designed test chart that will show whether the telescope is fit for a full frame sensor or not, whether the image is flat in all corners and generally it will indicate the quility of the optics, i.e. resolution. Whilst we do store this information for all tested telescopes, we don't usually include a printed report, but if you ask, we might be able to send it to you). If we find that the optics are not correctly collimated then we will send them to a specialist to correct it or if the optics cannot be corrected to a good performance then those will be sent back to the manufacturer for replacement, although our experience with Sharpstar and Asker telescopes is quite good, we rarely had to do that. We believe that there is no need to offer complicated optical test reports that would assume a degree in optical sciences from the user to fully understand them.  

SharpStar 140PH telescope features:

• 140MM f/6.5 three-element full separation (air spaced) optical design
• D
ual ED ultra-low dispersion glass
• Multi-layer coating
• 4" dual-speed rack and pinion focuser, 10:1 fine focus
• 2" and 1.25" universal interfaces
• Angle adjuster for 360 degree rotation
• Dovetail bar with tube rings
• Comes with a finderscope shoe

• Hard case included

Above image: with fully opened lens shade.

Above image: with retracted lens shade.

Product parameters:
Model: Ruixing  /  SharpStar 140PH
Objective type: 3-piece fully separated APO
Effective aperture: 140mm
Focal length: 910mm
Focus ratio: f/6.5
Fully illuminated image circle: 44mm
Resolution: 0.83 arc seconds
Visual limit: 12.5 magnitude
Accessories included: a pair of tube rings and dovetail bar
Main tube outer diameter: 148mm (tube ring size)
Net weight: 10.1kg (excluding tube rings and dovetail plate)
Gross weight: 11.7kg (inc. tube rings, dovetail bar and handle)
Lenght: 876mm (with extended lens shade) 739mm (with closed down lens shade)

SharpStar 140PH 140mm f/6.5 Dual ED Triplet APO