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Sky Rover 60mm F/5 Super Astrograph


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Sky Rover launched the 60 SA in 2023, it adopts a Petzval structure, the image circle is 45mm and meets full frame camera requirements. The quad design removes the requirement for a separate reducer or field flattener. While this fixes the focal length at 350mm making this a one focal length scope, it also allows for more compactness and portability.

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Model: SKY ROVER 60mmF/5 Super Astrograph
Diameter: 60mm
Focal length: 300mm
Focal ratio: F/5
Optics: 4 elememts 4 groups, Petzval structure, including some super ED glass and lanthanide material.
Coating: FMC
Focuser: 2.8-inch dual-speed rack and pinion focuser with CAA and 19mm total travel for astro imaging;
The end of focusing tube is with M70x1 thread; M48x0.75 Female
Body: made of aluminum alloy.
Size: about 265 mm (Fully Retracted) ;about 340.4 mm (Fully Extended)
Weight: OTA about 2.98kg
Standard: Vixen dovetail plate, patented handle.
Packaging: Full-wrapped pearl cotton and double-layer cartons

Basic Structures

(1) Thread interface                                   (2) CAA                                     (3) Focuser                                    (4) Finder base                                (5)Handle                     
(6) Dewshield                                             (7) Coarse focus wheel             (8) Fine focus wheel                      (9) Finder base                               (10)Dovetail plate

Focal Plane Controller Illustration

① Standard narrow plate clamp fixed position                    ② CAA locking screw                                                ③ anti-off screws(M3)                   
④ ARCA-SWISS standard clamp fixed position                         ⑤ ARCA-SWISS standard quick release plate            ⑥ dovetail plate(narrow)

ARCA-SWISS standard quick release plate screw holes diagram

PS: This plate supports connect camera mount

Handle screw holes diagram

Back focal length Illustration

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Sky Rover 60mm F/5 Super Astrograph