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SV229 Solar Eclipse Filter Telescope

SV229 Solar Eclipse Filter Telescope


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The SV229 Solar Eclipse Telescope Filter from SVBONY is specifically designed for safely observing and photographing solar eclipses. It features a 140mm optical glass filter that provides a clear, sharp view of solar phenomena. The filter is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability. Its universal compatibility makes it suitable for a wide range of telescopes, allowing enthusiasts and professionals alike to experience solar events in detail. The SV229 is an essential tool for anyone interested in solar astronomy, offering a safe and enhanced viewing experience.

SV229 Solar Telescope Filter Metal Cap 140mm For Observation


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SV229 is an ideal choice for viewing the sun, and it conforms the standard ISO 12312-2: 2015. A must-have to observe the sun without damaging your eyes - optical filter fits snugly over your telescope's aperture. You can use it with confidence. The solar filter can used in solar observation, solar eclipse and sunspots.

Outer Diameters 118~159mm


The SV229-W9183C features an inside diameter of 140mm - it is designed to fit optical tubes with an outer diameter of 118mm to 159mm.                   

 For Solar Eclipse

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 For Sunspots

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 For Solar Observation

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The Solar Filter provide a clear, crisp sunspots, solar eclipses, granulation through telescopes and binoculars view while rejecting harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation. The sun will appear in a natural orange color when viewed through your telescope using this Solar filter.

Compatible With SV550 Telescope

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It can work with your existing telescope; compatible with svbony SV550-122mm telescopes; you can use it to observe solar eclipse; sunspots below 100X. Great view and image; this filter features an orange tint; producing a natural look perfect for visual observing and capturing images through your telescope.

Aluminum Frame - Stable & Durable

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The SV229 solar filter features aluminum frame; compared with other plastic frames; our aluminum frames are more stable and durable.

Snug Fit

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Three metal screw cap and clamping screws with protective plastic caps - ensure a perfect fit. The diameter is adjustable, you can according to your needs to adjust the filter diameter

How to Use the Solar Filter

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Inspect your filter before every use. Do not use  if damaged, torn, punctured, or separated from the frame in any way.

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