Svbony 1.25" Bracket T-Mount Adapter


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SVBONY 1.25'' Bracket T Mount for SLR Camara Astronomical Telescope Monocular Wholesale Adapter Metal T Mount

The adaptor (Basic Version) is an essential accessory for anyone who uses a scope for digiscoping. It is a camera adaptor for direct (Prime focus) photography with a SLR camera.


Brand new and high quality This adaptor is designed for SLR cameras via camera specific T mount. This is a basic camera adaptor for use with scopes, we have two other adaptors for use with scopes. These offer greater versatility and incorporate this basic adaptor in both designs. The adaptor is black 1.25 inch T mount Brand: SVBONY Thread: M42x0.75 Weight: 28g(0.061 lb)

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5 pcs T mount adapter

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Svbony 1.25" Bracket T-Mount Adapter