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Svbony Medium Dovetail and 210mm Plate


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Medium Dovetail Clamp With a Brass Screws for Professional Astronomy Monocular Telescope and Camera and 210mm Plate.

SVBONY 210mm Dovetail Mounting Plate+Middle Size Dovetail Clamp for Astronomy Hunting Telescope Monocular

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1X 210mm Dovetail Mounting Plate and 1X Fully Metal Silver Dovetail Clamp

Dovetail Clamp Features:

1, Svbony Middle-Sizes Dovetail Clamp for Telescopes w/ Brass Screws Silver

2, Simply screw the dovetail clamp onto your tripod head, and then mount your telescope on the tripod.

3, A generously dimensioned surface with 24 mm width presses the bar against the other side of the clamp.

4, Aeriall clamping with brass screws and locking screws - protects the accessories and provides a very stable connection.

5, The center distance of the two holes for M8 screws is 35 mm

6, For attaching the clamp, 7 bores are available, five bores for M6 and 1/4" screws, two bores for M8 screws.

7, The clamp itself can be adapted to a mount, to the counterweight shaft or another dovetail bar, building a double connection.

8, Brand: SVBONY

9, Loading Weight: 10kg

10, Dovetail Upside: 39.5mm

11, Dovetail Downside: 45mm

12, Dovetail Depth: 12mm

13, Material: Aluminum alloy

14, M8 Pitch: 35mm

15, M6 Pitch: 19mm, 38mm

16, Color: Silver

17, Net Weight: 193g/6.83oz

18, Dimensions: 72x63x24mm (without screw)

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Svbony Medium Dovetail and 210mm Plate