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Svbony SV183 IR Pass 685nm Filter


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The SV183 IR Pass filter is designed to block all wavelengths below 670 nm.

Its unique characteristics are its advanced finish and outstanding durability. The Contrast enhancement when used for IR-L RGB imaging of the moon and planets improves the results of CCD and CMOS sensors and infrared imaging greatly.

1. Increases contrast: When used to image the moon and planets, it can reduce visual effects and increase contrast. It has a great effect mainly when shooting "planets".

2. Double-sided multi-coating reduces reflections. The scratch resistant coating also makes it easy to clean.

  1. 3. In addition to astronomical applications, this filter can also be used for near-infrared natural photography , applying to plants, sky and clouds, etc. (Requires the use of IR sensitive cameras above 670 nm.

Svbony SV183 IR Pass 685nm Filter