SVBONY SV226 Filter Drawer


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The telescope is designed for both 1.25" and 2" mounted filters. It features an integrated moulding and anti-light-leaking design that enhances its efficiency and usability in astrophotography. A notable aspect of this filter drawer is its double magnet system, which provides strong adsorption and ease of use compared to traditional screw rotations. This makes the installation and swapping of filters more convenient. Additionally, the SV226 includes a solid aluminium filter drawer system, further contributing to its durability and quality performance in various astronomical applications.

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Double Pair of Magnets

Compared with traditional screw rotation; magnet has stronger adsorption force;  which is convenient for you to install and use.

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Two Filter Holders

Standard 1.25" and 2" filter holder; plug and play, easy to use;  reducing repeated disassembly and installation steps in a dark environment.

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Compatible With 1.25”& 2” Filter Installation

Existing 1.25"  and 2" filters can also be used; for beginners of  photography; save the budget for changing filter sizes.

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CNC Integrated Molding

The advanced processing can assure the quality; provide more accurate; consistent results; you can use it with confidence.

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Filter Drawer Thickness 21mm

The thickness is related to back focal length; back intercept affects the quality of imaging; it limits the use of accessories and optical path length. Designed with the lock screw on the side of the filter drawer; the locking function is helpful on adjusting the tension to eliminate the gap; which is a double insurance for you.

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The Parameters Of SV226 Filter Drawer

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Use With Telescope

Connect the telescope to the focal reducer and  drawer filter; then connect the adapter to the camera. This SV226 filter drawer can use with SV550/SV503 OTA and F9198F/F9198K astronomy cameras.

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M42-M48 Adapter

Camera side thread is male; filter mounts thread is female; The filter drawer comes with the M42-M48 adapter to resolve the thread compatibility issue. The interface can help you use the adapter to connect cameras of different specifications. 

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Plastic Dustproof Storage Box

The packaging is equipped with a plastic storage box to ensure that accessories around the filter drawer can be stored.

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SVBONY SV226 Filter Drawer