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Dark Clear Skies

Svbony SV905C Astronomy Camera.

Svbony SV905C Astronomy Camera.


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Svbony SV905C Astronomy Camera.

Compact and highly sensitive 1.23-megapixel color camera with 1/3” CMOS 1280x960 sensor perfect for autoguiding or planetary imaging; small 3.75-micron pixels; high peak QE of 80% and low read noise allows tight tracking of faint guide stars;

The front of the camera is equipped with a CS interface and a CS-C adapter ring; which can be matched with a CS lens or a C-mount lens;

The product is designed with snap ring and scale mark to facilitate the use of the same guide lens for focusing and positioning.

SV905C  (1).jpgF9198G-SV905C-specification.jpgF9198G-SV905C-sensor.jpgF9198G-SV905C-USB2.0.jpgF9198G-SV905C  (5).jpgF9198G-SV905C  (6).jpgF9198G(SV905C)-application software.jpgF9198G(SV905C)-AR coating.jpgF9198G(SV905C)-specification.jpgF9198G(SV905C)-specification2.jpg

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